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Hello, Snippetteers! — I took a day off work this week in an attempt to finish UNDERTOW (which was technically due, um, Sunday). Didn’t quite get there — but some very wonderful things happened to our lads. And one of my favorite passages was touched off by nothing more than Lucien’s smile. (Just remember — Lucien was the head bouncer at Purgatory, and Mac was the lead bartender.) Enjoy!


Mac had overheard guys at the club calling Lucien’s smile ‘ugly-handsome’. “That bouncer – he smiles at you, and you don’t care what he looks like any more.” He’d schooled the shit out of the more obnoxious patrons, and just shrugged afterward when Lucien asked why he’d been doing his job for him. And the rest… well, he’d just smiled, and kept his thoughts to himself. Lucien was Lucien. He was Mac’s light, and his love, and his life.


And a couple of links to round out the week —

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And WOLF, BECOMING, where old Russia meets new, and wolves are not what they seem: http://ow.ly/Fzal3000Jil


Welcome to this week’s Rainbow Snippet! *winks* Just had to give a little bit of a shout-out to one of my personal heroes, the Notorious RBG.

This week’s Snippet goes all the way back to the beginning of UNDERTOW, the first time Rhoann sees Mac. Mac’s in the ruins of Purgatory, which is where Lucien was injured (Lucien was the head bouncer at the club, before it was destroyed at the end of MANTLED IN MIST, and Mac was the lead bartender); he’s just found the duffel bag Lucien used to keep a change of clothes in, and he’s in tears over a t-shirt he found in the bag. “Feel safe at night – sleep with a Marine.” And Rhoann is watching from hiding.


The scent of salt water, human tears, struck Rhoann like the crash of a storm-wave.

“Lucien…” The human’s voice broke.

Rhoann watched, rapt, heedless of his own tears. Wanting to heal the human’s heart. But that was no Fae desire, and no Fae could give the gift of such a healing.


And, as always, a couple of links for you!

Rainbow Snippets on Facebook, for more LGBTQIA+ goodies — https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/

And WOLF, BECOMING — where mythic fantasy meets modern Russia — http://ow.ly/4nhmV8


And, finally, a look at my muse for Mac. Mac is, of course, older than the amazing BT Urruela (and I claim no copyright in this images, that would be the equally amazing Michael Stokes) — but apart from a few years’ difference in age, this is definitely how I picture Mac. Enjoy!



Hello, Snippetteers! — sorry I’m a bit late, I just got back from accompanying my mom around the Caribbean for a week. Lovely time, brought my laptop and got a ton of writing done — and then managed to leave the bag with the laptop in the cruise terminal. No one at the cruise line will be able to answer any questions — such as “when will I see my bag again?” — until Monday, so for now here’s a flashback, a very young Lucien de Winter on a hot summer afternoon in Washington, D.C. Kind of a random moment, but fun. 😉


Lucien let the barbells drop to the floor with a thump that would have pissed off anyone living downstairs, if he didn’t have a basement apartment. His biceps were burning, his triceps felt like a couple of bags of dead mice, and his lats and his pecs weren’t speaking to him or to each other. But damn, it all felt good. And the aches wouldn’t last long, none of his aches and pains ever did. Though a shower would feel amazing right now.

His legs made a ripping sound as he stood up, sweaty skin peeling away from the cheap vinyl of what passed for his weight bench.


And a few links, as usual:

Rainbow Snippets on Facebook — for more LGBTQIA goodies: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/

Wolf, Becoming, my new Russian shapeshifter novella: http://ow.ly/ZoiAG

And if those of you who are into either prayers or good thoughts could send out some of either, hoping to reunite me with my laptop, I’d be much obliged….


It’s here! — it’s release day for


You met Volyk and Ilya in “Ilya and the Wolf.” Now hear their whole story.

Volyk – oboroten’, wolf by nature and human by magick…
Ilya Borisovich, the gentle, luckless third son of a modern-day merchant prince…


Chapter One

Eighteen years ago

All tales have a beginning. Some have more than one.

East of the sun and west of the moon, in the long-ago days when magick still filled the world, there lived in the trackless steppes great beasts with the power to assume the shapes of men at will. Even after the magick withdrew itself to its secret fastnesses, those beasts and their descendants carried the gift of the change in their blood. And the stories were passed down, from one generation to the next, until they became legends. Legends told by living legends, all unknowing….


Ilya’s touch made Volyk’s heart race. “The skins. Need to come off.” Volyk managed that much, before taking the kiss for which Ilya’s mouth begged.

Ilya laughed, a little unsteadily. Volyk could taste the laughter.

“Help me with them.” Ilya caught at Volyk’s hands.

“I would, if I knew how.”

“Here, I’ll show you.” Ilya guided Volyk’s fingers to the first of a series of small disks and showed him how to slip them through openings in the heavy material.

“Why do you want me to do this?” Volyk bit his lip in concentration, moving from one disk to the next in response to Ilya’s urging. “When it would be so much simpler for you?”

“Because I want to feel your hands on me.”

Something in Ilya’s voice made Volyk look up. And something in the human’s eyes spoke directly to the wolf’s soul.



Dreamspinner: http://ow.ly/YGbVm
Amazon: http://ow.ly/YGbZk
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Welcome aboard, Snippetteers and other friends! — today’s snippet is from UNDERTOW, and I thought it might be fun to lighten things up a little today. To set the scene: Rhoann, the half-Royal Water Fae shapeshifter has been pondering Important Questions while swimming around in The Pool in Central Park (which is actually an artificial lake up in the northwest corner of the park) when Fiachra (the Fae MC from MANTLED IN MIST, SoulShares #6) suddenly appears out of nowhere at the bottom of the Pool. Rhoann feels sort of obligated to go fetch him up to shore, where the following exchange ensues:


“What were you doing at the bottom of the Pool?” He kept his tone light, non-accusatory, as it was a possibility the other Fae had not intended to intrude.

A’buil gnas le lom ar-gúl.” Fiachra rubbed his throat, as if doing so could ease his hoarseness.

“I have no interest in fornicating with you, whether backwards or any other way –”

“Conall was right, you’re as literal-minded as a unicorn.”


And a few links for you —

Rainbow Snippets on Facebook (for more LGBTQIA goodies):

And pre-order links for WOLF, BECOMING (releasing on February 24 — stop back here for the festivities on Wednesday!)

Amazon: http://ow.ly/YyBt4
Dreamspinner: http://ow.ly/YyBz9
ARe: http://ow.ly/YyBK4


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and then move on to

GALE FORCE (Conall and Josh)
DEEP PLUNGE (Lochlann and Garrett)
FIRESTORM (Cuinn and Rian)
BLOWING SMOKE (Lasair and Bryce)
MANTLED IN MIST (Fiachra and Peri)

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Good afternoon, Snippetteers! — I sincerely hope it’s warmer where you are than it is where I am. My snippet for this week is from my work in progress, UNDERATOW (SoulShares #7). In this passage (seven sentences, again, an extra one for luck), Rhoann is swimming around his temporary home in Central Park, in seal form, trying to figure out what’s going on in his head. And other places. Rhoann’s lived alone for most of his life, and he’s been perfectly happy that way. But meeting Mac has been the catalyst for changes he doesn’t understand…


Desire was supposed to make a Fae stronger. It was making Rhoann confused.

Other strange emotions were rising in him as well, like deep-water dwellers rising out of the heart of the Domhnacht Rúnda, where nothing had lived until their rising. Being around Conall, and the other Fae and their humans, put Rhoann on edge, made him uneasy. But being with Mac was different. As much as Rhoann’s newly-awakened desires made him feel a stranger to himself, Mac’s presence was also… comfortable. Comforting.


Links for the week —

Rainbow Snippets, on Facebook — for many more LGBTQIA goodies — https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/

And the pre-order link for “Wolf, Becoming,” my Russian shapeshifter novella at Dreamspinner Press, where it’s 25 percent off through February 15 — http://ow.ly/Yi87B


Welcome, Snippetteers! — my offering this week is from “Deeper than Did Ever Plummet Sound,” my contribution to an m/m romance charity anthology being assembled to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. All the stories, needless to say, have a connection to Shakespeare, or his plays — some are retellings of the plays, some make use of the sonnets. Mine is about a contemporary New York production of The Tempest, possibly my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays, and about the production’s Prospero, Londoner Clarence Limont, one of the great twentieth-century interpreters of the Bard’s work. (Close your eyes and imagine Sir Ian McKellen reciting…)


There had been a time when this had been a thrill, this first moment of discovery, looking into a new play for the first time, or into an old one with a new cast. He could remember when it had been exciting.

Maybe it’s time to end it now, while I can still remember

He had had this same argument with himself more or less every morning for the last, oh, seven years. Ever since that disastrous production of the Scottish play in Manchester. He’d contemplated paying someone to stand outside the theatre and scream the name of the play, in hopes that lightning would strike or someone would decide to commit a little judicious arson.


And a couple of links for you:

Rainbow Snippets (for more goodies): https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/

And the pre-order link for Wolf, Becoming is now available on Amazon! http://ow.ly/Y1WDY

Ilya and Volyk at Christmas


In this excerpt from “Ilya and the Wolf,” Ilya explains Christmas to Volyk, an oboroten’ — a wolf shapeshifter. (If you’d like to read Ilya and Volyk’s origin story, you have until January 1 to pick up a copy from Dreamspinner; “Wolf, Becoming,” the novella that tells Where They Came From and What Happened After, comes out on February 24, and the short story will be pulled on January 1 to make way for it. Check it out at http://ow.ly/WjKUP — Dreamspinner’s even having a 25 percent off sale right now!)

A very Merry Christmas to everyone — from me, the Fae, the Gille Dubh, the daragin (those most unusual Christmas trees!) and the oboroten’. May you all enjoy great blessings during this wonderful season, and may 2016 be the year of joy we’ve been waiting for.


A kiss brushed the back of Ilya’s neck, as gentle as Volyk’s bite had been brutal. Volyk’s arm was around him from behind, tanned, muscular, limned with soft, dark hair. Ilya stroked the silky hair with his fingertips, content just to be held. Loved.

“Now will you tell me about Christmas, and its gifts?” Volyk nibbled lightly at Ilya’s ear, and Ilya thought he felt the lips of his mate—his mate!—curve in a smile. “You spoke of it while I was carrying you here. You sang of it.”

“I did?” What to tell? Certainly nothing of his father’s vapid parties. Nothing of the church that had long ago rejected him and would never accept Volyk. “Christmas is… a celebration.” He would give his mate the Christmas he himself had always loved. “We believe that our God took human form, as an infant, and lived among us. To love us, and by his living and dying as one of us to save us from our own death.”

Volyk’s breath caught hard. “Your god was a shape-shifter?” There was something strange, strained about Volyk’s voice, and Ilya twisted to look at him. “He must have loved you very much to do what he did.”

“Why do you say that?”

Volyk looked as if he wished he’d kept silent. “If he was truly oboroten’, he put his own life at risk when he saved yours. That is our way, one of the laws of our life.”

Everything was still, so still Ilya could hear the pounding of his own heart. And Volyk’s. “You risked your life, when you saved mine?”

Volyk nodded, glancing down, then up to meet Ilya’s gaze squarely. “If you had refused me, I would have died.”


“I would have done so willingly.” Warm lips brushed Ilya’s forehead. “I would have nothing without you.”

“You should have told me, you great pridurok—”

Volyk’s deep chuckle rumbled. “I will never take your choices from you again. You can call me an idiot all you like; you will not change my mind.”

Ilya rested his hand on Volyk’s cheek, gazing into his fiery amber eyes. “Idiot. My idiot.” Feeling greatly daring, he leaned in to capture his mate’s lips in a kiss. “My beloved idiot. For the rest of our lives.”


Hi! — this is my first time participating in a snippet group, and I thought I’d try a few lines from “Wolf, Becoming,” my first shifter novella, currently in edits at Dreamspinner Press. In this scene, Volyk, a shapeshifter wolf, has just saved Ilya’s life — Ilya is a young, deeply closeted Russian gay man whose older brothers tried to kill him, after discovering the secret he was hiding. After rescuing and healing Ilya, Volyk has shifted to human form, and has just kissed him for the first time.


All his life, since well before that aching spring morning, Ilya had known he was attracted to boys, and then to men. But it had never been safe for him to discover exactly what that meant. And now… I wish to God I knew. All of it. Because the thought of being clumsy, inexperienced, laughable in this man’s arms was painful enough to bring him to tears.

“Was that wrong?” Volyk’s voice caught. “Kissing you? I know nothing of humans… only my instincts, and the whispers of magick.”

A soft laugh escaped Ilya. Before he could lose his nerve altogether, he returned Volyk’s kiss, as gently as the other man had first kissed him. “I know as little about it as you do. But at least now if one of us is wrong, we both are.”