Hello, Snippetteers! — sorry I’m a bit late, I just got back from accompanying my mom around the Caribbean for a week. Lovely time, brought my laptop and got a ton of writing done — and then managed to leave the bag with the laptop in the cruise terminal. No one at the cruise line will be able to answer any questions — such as “when will I see my bag again?” — until Monday, so for now here’s a flashback, a very young Lucien de Winter on a hot summer afternoon in Washington, D.C. Kind of a random moment, but fun. 😉


Lucien let the barbells drop to the floor with a thump that would have pissed off anyone living downstairs, if he didn’t have a basement apartment. His biceps were burning, his triceps felt like a couple of bags of dead mice, and his lats and his pecs weren’t speaking to him or to each other. But damn, it all felt good. And the aches wouldn’t last long, none of his aches and pains ever did. Though a shower would feel amazing right now.

His legs made a ripping sound as he stood up, sweaty skin peeling away from the cheap vinyl of what passed for his weight bench.


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And if those of you who are into either prayers or good thoughts could send out some of either, hoping to reunite me with my laptop, I’d be much obliged….