Welcome, Snippetteers! — my offering this week is from “Deeper than Did Ever Plummet Sound,” my contribution to an m/m romance charity anthology being assembled to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. All the stories, needless to say, have a connection to Shakespeare, or his plays — some are retellings of the plays, some make use of the sonnets. Mine is about a contemporary New York production of The Tempest, possibly my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays, and about the production’s Prospero, Londoner Clarence Limont, one of the great twentieth-century interpreters of the Bard’s work. (Close your eyes and imagine Sir Ian McKellen reciting…)


There had been a time when this had been a thrill, this first moment of discovery, looking into a new play for the first time, or into an old one with a new cast. He could remember when it had been exciting.

Maybe it’s time to end it now, while I can still remember

He had had this same argument with himself more or less every morning for the last, oh, seven years. Ever since that disastrous production of the Scottish play in Manchester. He’d contemplated paying someone to stand outside the theatre and scream the name of the play, in hopes that lightning would strike or someone would decide to commit a little judicious arson.


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