Welcome aboard, Snippetteers and other friends! — today’s snippet is from UNDERTOW, and I thought it might be fun to lighten things up a little today. To set the scene: Rhoann, the half-Royal Water Fae shapeshifter has been pondering Important Questions while swimming around in The Pool in Central Park (which is actually an artificial lake up in the northwest corner of the park) when Fiachra (the Fae MC from MANTLED IN MIST, SoulShares #6) suddenly appears out of nowhere at the bottom of the Pool. Rhoann feels sort of obligated to go fetch him up to shore, where the following exchange ensues:


“What were you doing at the bottom of the Pool?” He kept his tone light, non-accusatory, as it was a possibility the other Fae had not intended to intrude.

A’buil gnas le lom ar-gúl.” Fiachra rubbed his throat, as if doing so could ease his hoarseness.

“I have no interest in fornicating with you, whether backwards or any other way –”

“Conall was right, you’re as literal-minded as a unicorn.”


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