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Hello, Snippetteers! — sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been dealing with a massive case of writer’s block, and frankly, it’s been kind of a downer some weeks to look at the WIP and realize that I barely have enough new material since the previous week to make up a snippet! But things are slowly getting better, and I wanted to share what I’ve been up to. Sorry it’s another seven-sentence wonder, but I couldn’t knock off the first sentence, and it’s only three words, so… (Setanta, by the way, is Lasair and Bryce’s blind runt Fade-hound puppy.) (And I think this one requires just a bit of context — Lasair and Bryce are talking about Bryce’s insistence that he doesn’t “deserve” love.)


“Look at Setanta.” Lasair nodded toward the Fade-hound puppy, whose head now rested on his front paws and whose back end eagerly responded to the sound of his name.

Bryce obediently turned his head and arched a brow. “If he’s going to fart every time we say his name, we might want to start spelling.”

“I am trying to be serious here.” An impossible task, needless to say, especially with amusement finally lighting his lover’s dark eyes. “Does the Odorous One fret over what to give us, or what we are willing to give him, or whether he has earned what we give him?”


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Good morning, Snippetteers! — no, I haven’t fallen off the planet (not that I haven’t tried a time or two, but achieving escape velocity turns out to be a little harder than I anticipated *winks*) I’m still on my writing hiatus, through the end of the month (though I just MIGHT have cheated a time or two *coughcough*), so here’s a snippet from earlier in the WIP. This one’s a little long — I know we’re supposed to keep them to six sentences, but this one has to be eight. (Maybe I need to work on writing in six-sentence clusters….) The two characters in this snippet are Lasair and Bryce, whose book was BLOWING SMOKE. Bryce was an interesting character to write; he turned up in books two through four, first as Terry’s jerk of a boyfriend who had stolen him from Josh, and then forced into a more truly villainous role by the Marfach. And halfway through book four, FIRESTORM, Bryce turned to me and said “Hey, guess who the next book is going to be about…” So I had to figure out how to redeem a character I’d enjoyed making thoroughly detestable and irredeemable. Turns out that until he met his Fae SoulShare, Bryce had never actually had a soul. And in this scene, Lasair and Bryce are sitting on a park bench, not far from the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Washington, D.C., taking a break from walking their puppy, the blind runt Fade-hound Setanta. And talking about what it’s like to be SoulShared.


“Does our soul cause you pain, lover?” There was a line between Lasair’s brows that hadn’t been there a few seconds before. “Would you give it back to me, if you could?”

The question was like cold water flung over him; Bryce couldn’t breathe with the shock of it. He’d been stupid enough to try to reject Lasair’s gift, over and over again; he still wanted to curl up and die with the shame of it, when he remembered how one of his rejections had driven his Fae lover to try to flee back to the Realm. There was nothing inevitable about a SoulShare joining, and he’d damn near thrown the other half of his soul away.

“Please, m’anam-sciar. Please don’t cry.”


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Blowing Smoke Final

Welcome, Snippetteers! It’s week five of the run-up to the launch of MANTLED IN MIST (SoulShares #6), so that means a snippet from BLOWING SMOKE, SoulShares #5. There’s been a bit of a hiccup in the production process for MANTLED, so we have at least one more week’s worth of Snippetteering before it actually comes out – but that just means that next week, and maybe the week after, you get exclusive sneak previews of an unpublished SoulShares novel!

For this week, here’s a bit of Lasair and Bryce. (Lasair is the unconscious one; Bryce has just found him in the basement of Bryce’s Greenwich Village brownstone, in the middle of a web of magickal light.) (And yes, it’s seven sentences again. Sorry about that. But hey, the rainbow’s actually ROYGBIV, right?)


The Fae almost seemed peacefully asleep, blond lashes feathered over skin like porcelain, lips pursed slightly in a gentle pout. His chest rose and fell evenly, and only the occasional twitch of a limb betrayed the fact that the light was still at work on him.

Bryce clenched his jaw, trying to ward off a sharp pang of yearning. Yeah, I still want to wake up next to that. Every morning. Now, here, looking at the disheveled Fae, he could see it, could almost taste a morning kiss. I pick a hell of a time to learn to dream.


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Here’s the link to the Facebook Rainbow Snippets page, for much. Much more good stuff, all over the LGBTQIA+ spectrum: http://ow.ly/WQlIu

And if this bit of BLOWING SMOKE intrigued you, here’s the buy link – you have a couple of weeks to get caught up on the series before #6 comes out! http://ow.ly/WQlQ6


Bryce had his usual half-minute warning before Lasair walked in the front door; Setanta sat up on his prized braided rag rug – the one that was probably going to look like a doily under a draft horse in about six months, according to Lasair – and turned his head toward the door, whining softly, tail thumping frantically against the floor.

“What am I, chopped liver? – you’ve had me all to yourself all afternoon.”

The tail thumped harder, and Bryce chuckled. He’d decided to take the day before Thanksgiving off work, not because he had any plans, but because all his clients seemed to. So there was no point in dragging his ass in to the office, and a great deal of point to lounging around the brownstone, getting caught up on his TBR pile, while his SoulShare went out to explore the city.

He actually wouldn’t have minded going along, but Lasair had wanted to go up to the American Museum of Natural History and watch them blowing up the balloons for the parade tomorrow, and given the apparently genetic Fae difficulty dealing with enclosed methods of transportation, that meant Fading to the Upper West Side, which humans weren’t equipped to handle –

The door opened, and Bryce looked up from his book, startled, as what looked like a mountain of Citarella bags lumbered in. “What the hell?”

“Would you mind taking the bag with the eggs? – it feels like I’m about to drop it.” Lasair’s voice was slightly muffled, though now that Bryce looked more closely, he could see his partner’s hair, and a bit of the side of his face.

Bryce unfolded himself from his chair and carefully unhooked the bag dangling from two curled fingers. “Don’t try to come the rest of the way in, you’re going to trip over a dog.” A dog who was doing his best to wrap himself around Lasair’s feet and climb his legs at the same time.

Lasair’s laughter followed him into the kitchen. He set the eggs on the table, then returned to help with the rest of the bags. “Did you leave anything in the store?”

The face he uncovered as he relieved the Fae of a bag of French bread was puzzled, or at least pretending to be. “Quite a bit, actually.”

“I love you, Rapunzel.”

The words came more easily each time he said them, sounded just a little less strange. Who ever would have thought…?

Lasair followed Bryce back into the kitchen, and the two of them started covering the counters and the small table with bags. “What possessed you?” Bryce scanned the bounty – crusty French bread, a bag of Yukon Gold potatoes, eggs, a couple of squash, four heads of various green things Bryce couldn’t even identify, three different salad dressings, wild rice, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and Jesus Horatio Christ a twenty-pound turkey.

Lasair came up behind Bryce and slipped his arms around Bryce’s waist. “Thanksgiving. Although I’m not sure that’s technically possession, you know I’m still learning English.”

Bryce shook his head. “Well, I suppose this will make up for all the years I haven’t celebrated.”

“You haven’t?” He felt Lasair stiffen in surprise. “Why not?”

“Because when I was a kid, Thanksgiving sucked more than just about any holiday.” Bryce closed his eyes, trying not to shudder at the parade of memories – a few family Thanksgivings at his grandfather’s house, put on display by his father to make sure the old man realized the next generation of heirs was being properly raised. Then more years in what was nominally his own house, but had really been taken over by his grandfather after dear old Grandad’s stroke – years of being the perfect kid, and having any perceived imperfections beaten out of him after dinner. And then, after his Deep Dark Secret had come out, and it wasn’t any good pretending to be anything close to perfect any more, he’d taken to feigning illness on Thanksgiving. No one had particularly cared.

Least of all Bryce Newhouse.

How had he ended up in Lasair’s arms? And why was Lasair’s shirt wet?

“What is it, súmiul?” He could feel Lasair’s lips moving against his ear.

“It’s stupid.” He struggled to speak past the lump in his throat. “I didn’t care how much Thanksgiving sucked when I was a kid. I didn’t have a fucking soul, I didn’t care about anything.” He palmed away his tears.

Lasair’s palms were cool against Bryce’s hot cheeks. “Maybe you didn’t care then. But you can care for that little boy now.” A kiss fell on Bryce’s forehead. “And you can let me cook for him, and feed him, and give him the kind of happiness I saw as I walked around this city today.”

“I don’t think you’re really a Fae.” Bryce tried to laugh. It was either that or start crying again.

Lasair smiled, the smile that had first proved Bryce truly had a heart. Maybe the smile that had given it to him. “Oh, but I am. Fae do understand gratitude, though I’ll own most of us think of it more as a sense of liability.” Kisses brushed Bryce’s cheeks. “But I rather like the thought of being perpetually in your debt.”

Another attempted laugh was cut off by a kiss that meant business. Bryce was just starting to melt into it when a startled yelp was followed by the unmistakable sound of a dozen eggs hitting a linoleum floor.

“Setanta,” they both groaned together.

Off the table,” Lasair added.

The Fade-hound’s tail wagged furiously, clearing the kale and the endive and the God-knew-what-else off the table to join the eggs.

Lasair laughed. “Take him back in the living room, súmiul. I’ll put things away.”

Shaking his head, Bryce did as he was bid, flopping down on the sofa with the ecstatically wriggling puppy.

Giving thanks.

He was late to this particular table, no doubt about that… but as his face was washed by an adoring puppy, and his Fae partner puttered around the kitchen putting away enough food for an army, Bryce settled back on the sofa with a hesitant smile.

It was good… no, it was fucking amazing… to have so much to be thankful for.

All five

Ask my teenager, and I’m sure he’ll be glad to tell you all about how his Mom larned her readin’ and writin’ and cipherin’ by scratching on the face of a shovel with charcoal. But even the oldest of dogs have been known to learn new tricks, and I’m going to spend this weekend meditating on the mysteries of the QR Code.

I’m listing all the buy links for the SoulShares below, and I’ll be updating (and filling in the blanks) as I get links. If any of the links don’t work for you, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do what I can to fix them. (Which will probably involve telling my son that Mom’s out of charcoal again…)


Hard as Stone (Tiernan Guaire and Kevin Almstead)

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Gale Force (Conall Dary and Josh LaFontaine)

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Blowing Smoke (Lasair Faol and Bryce Newhouse)

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And, just for good measure –

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Tempted from the Oak
(Ellora’s Cave, novella, Gille Dubh) – Amazon (Kindle) — http://www.amazon.com/Tempted-Oak-Rory-Ni-Coileain-ebook/dp/B00J8N6SY2/ref=la_B009M8XQP2_1_8_title_0_main?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1436845564&sr=1-8