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Hello, Snippetteers! — things don’t get much more WIP-ish than this. Here’s a snippet I wrote last night. Seven sentences instead of six — my apologies, but I think you’ll see why I needed the extra sentence. All I’m going to say by way of a lead-in is that the first speaker is Rhoann, the half-Royal Water Fae. And that this is Rhoann’s first kiss.


“Am I doing this right?” Mac felt Rhoann’s lips moving, breathed in Rhoann’s breath.

And Mac laughed. Even knowing these few moments were all he was ever going to have of the Fae, he laughed. Joy fizzed under his skin, all through him, in a way it hadn’t in months. “You’re doing it perfect.”

“Show me how to make it better than perfect.”


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Hello, Snippetteers! — my laptop is home from its solo wanderings, so to celebrate, I thought I’d give you a taste of what I wrote while I was on vacation! The first speaker here is Rhoann, the Water Fae, explaining to Mac, his human SoulShare, who and what he is, and what he’s doing in the human world.


“I told you, I was asked to come here to heal Lucien. And the only way a Fae can cross from the Realm to the human world requires him to give up half his soul. No, to have half his soul torn from him.”

Mac recognized the pain in the Fae’s eyes. He’d seen it before, over and over, during the years before his conduct-unbecoming discharge, when he’d been assigned to the amputee rehab project at Walter Reed. The pain of having something you thought you couldn’t live without severed.


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First, the Rainbow Snippets page on Facebook, your key to many other LGBTQIA goodies:

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Wishing you all a truly magickal St. Patrick’s Day!



Hello, Snippetteers! — sorry I’m a bit late, I just got back from accompanying my mom around the Caribbean for a week. Lovely time, brought my laptop and got a ton of writing done — and then managed to leave the bag with the laptop in the cruise terminal. No one at the cruise line will be able to answer any questions — such as “when will I see my bag again?” — until Monday, so for now here’s a flashback, a very young Lucien de Winter on a hot summer afternoon in Washington, D.C. Kind of a random moment, but fun. 😉


Lucien let the barbells drop to the floor with a thump that would have pissed off anyone living downstairs, if he didn’t have a basement apartment. His biceps were burning, his triceps felt like a couple of bags of dead mice, and his lats and his pecs weren’t speaking to him or to each other. But damn, it all felt good. And the aches wouldn’t last long, none of his aches and pains ever did. Though a shower would feel amazing right now.

His legs made a ripping sound as he stood up, sweaty skin peeling away from the cheap vinyl of what passed for his weight bench.


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And if those of you who are into either prayers or good thoughts could send out some of either, hoping to reunite me with my laptop, I’d be much obliged….


Good morning, Snippetteers! — this week’s post is from UNDERTOW, my work-in-progress. In this snippet, Josh LaFontaine, the owner of Raging Art-On Tattoo and Piercing Parlor and scair-anam of Conall Dary, is dropping off some clothing at the site of the Great Nexus so Rhoann (who tends toward ‘clothing optional’) will have something to wear when and if he turns up again…


And when he looked straight down the wall, past the tips of his toes, the floor and a bit of the wall glowed with a brilliant, reckless magickal energy that was all Conall, edged with a faint blue tinge that told him his partner had coaxed water elemental magick into the channeling somehow. Even if he hadn’t spotted the magick himself, Scáthacru wouldn’t have let him miss it; the golden dragon on his left forearm was stirring, blinking, lifting his head lazily to discover what had woken him.

“Go back to sleep,” Josh muttered, grateful that at least Aréan, the hawk tattooed on his chest, usually slept through anything as long as he, Josh, had a shirt on.

He held the bag out over the edge of the excavation and dropped it; it fell on its side, an arm of the sweater spilling out.

Josh couldn’t help grinning — not so much at the sight of the care package, as at the way he’d delivered it. A year and a half ago, who would have thought he would have been doing a clothing drop for a shapeshifting magickal being, at the request of the mightiest mage in two worlds, who was also a scapegrace three-hundred-year-old twink and the love of his life?


And now for a couple of links —

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and WOLF, BECOMING, my new shapeshifter novella from Dreamspinner, on sale this weekend, 25 percent off! —