Blowing Smoke Final

Welcome, Snippetteers! It’s week five of the run-up to the launch of MANTLED IN MIST (SoulShares #6), so that means a snippet from BLOWING SMOKE, SoulShares #5. There’s been a bit of a hiccup in the production process for MANTLED, so we have at least one more week’s worth of Snippetteering before it actually comes out – but that just means that next week, and maybe the week after, you get exclusive sneak previews of an unpublished SoulShares novel!

For this week, here’s a bit of Lasair and Bryce. (Lasair is the unconscious one; Bryce has just found him in the basement of Bryce’s Greenwich Village brownstone, in the middle of a web of magickal light.) (And yes, it’s seven sentences again. Sorry about that. But hey, the rainbow’s actually ROYGBIV, right?)


The Fae almost seemed peacefully asleep, blond lashes feathered over skin like porcelain, lips pursed slightly in a gentle pout. His chest rose and fell evenly, and only the occasional twitch of a limb betrayed the fact that the light was still at work on him.

Bryce clenched his jaw, trying to ward off a sharp pang of yearning. Yeah, I still want to wake up next to that. Every morning. Now, here, looking at the disheveled Fae, he could see it, could almost taste a morning kiss. I pick a hell of a time to learn to dream.


And finally, a few links…

Here’s the link to the Facebook Rainbow Snippets page, for much. Much more good stuff, all over the LGBTQIA+ spectrum:

And if this bit of BLOWING SMOKE intrigued you, here’s the buy link – you have a couple of weeks to get caught up on the series before #6 comes out!