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Hello, Snippetteers! Meet my muse for Rhoann, the Fae main character from UNDERTOW (SoulShares #7), my current work-in-progress. In this snippet (seven sentences again, sorry!), Mac McAllan, the Marine Corps vet who saved Kevin Almstead’s father’s life in Vietnam, is visiting the hole in the ground where Purgatory used to be; most of the site’s been cleared, but he’s just found a duffel bag in the remaining debris that belongs to his partner, Lucien de Winter, the club’s bouncer. Lucien’s been hospitalized since the explosion, in a coma.


The bag’s zipper still worked, kind of. Enough to let Mac get a hand inside. He reached in and closed his fist around something soft, worked it out through the gap.

The light attached to the pylon was enough to let him see what he’d grabbed. A t-shirt, ragged even before it had been put through the hell of a gas explosion and a collapsing building, the sleeves ripped out to accommodate a pair of biceps hard enough to deliver a knockout blow all by themselves and massive enough to need their own zip code.

Feel safe at night — sleep with a Marine.

Fuck, Mac hated to cry.


And a couple of links for you —

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And if you want to find out what happened to Purgatory, here’s the Amazon buy link for MANTLED IN MIST, last week’s snippet donor: http://ow.ly/XroXE



It’s the Saturday before the release of MANTLED IN MIST (currently planned for January 18, but really, it could drop pretty much any day, so watch this space!), which means a six-sentence sneak preview! Peri is Peri Katsura, an employee of Lochlann Doran’s Big Boy Massage. And a six-five blond Adonis has just walked into Big Boy and requested Peri’s services….


Big hands ran lightly up and down Peri’s arms. More touching. More of that indescribable sensation that made him want to laugh and moan and drop to his knees, surrender, lose himself. And that was even before he looked into those amazing blue eyes.

Eyes that really saw him. Eyes that held secrets and wanted to share them.


No sales link yet, alas (though I’ll add one when the book comes up on Amazon!), but here’s the link back to Rainbow Snippets, for more tantalizing LGBTQ snippets: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/

Blowing Smoke Final

Welcome, Snippetteers! It’s week five of the run-up to the launch of MANTLED IN MIST (SoulShares #6), so that means a snippet from BLOWING SMOKE, SoulShares #5. There’s been a bit of a hiccup in the production process for MANTLED, so we have at least one more week’s worth of Snippetteering before it actually comes out – but that just means that next week, and maybe the week after, you get exclusive sneak previews of an unpublished SoulShares novel!

For this week, here’s a bit of Lasair and Bryce. (Lasair is the unconscious one; Bryce has just found him in the basement of Bryce’s Greenwich Village brownstone, in the middle of a web of magickal light.) (And yes, it’s seven sentences again. Sorry about that. But hey, the rainbow’s actually ROYGBIV, right?)


The Fae almost seemed peacefully asleep, blond lashes feathered over skin like porcelain, lips pursed slightly in a gentle pout. His chest rose and fell evenly, and only the occasional twitch of a limb betrayed the fact that the light was still at work on him.

Bryce clenched his jaw, trying to ward off a sharp pang of yearning. Yeah, I still want to wake up next to that. Every morning. Now, here, looking at the disheveled Fae, he could see it, could almost taste a morning kiss. I pick a hell of a time to learn to dream.


And finally, a few links…

Here’s the link to the Facebook Rainbow Snippets page, for much. Much more good stuff, all over the LGBTQIA+ spectrum: http://ow.ly/WQlIu

And if this bit of BLOWING SMOKE intrigued you, here’s the buy link – you have a couple of weeks to get caught up on the series before #6 comes out! http://ow.ly/WQlQ6

UNDERTOW, Prologue

Book Six of the SoulShares, MANTLED IN MIST, will be hitting your Kindles and landing in your Christmas stockings the first week in December. But Peri and Fiachra are far from the end of the SoulShares’ story. In fact, I just started on Sunday on UNDERTOW, Book Seven. And I’d like you to meet Rhoann, who’s a very different sort of Fae from any we’ve yet encountered…

(And if you haven’t yet started on the SoulShares journey, I’m putting a link to Book One, HARD AS STONE, at the end of this excerpt. Go ahead, you have a few months to get caught up…)


August 16, 2013 (human reckoning)
Domhnacht Rúnda, The Realm

Rhoann corkscrewed lazily down into the shadowed depths of the gorge, his body parting the crystal water, his gleaming gray fur as slick as skin. He wouldn’t be able to stay down long, not in his seal body; salmon was better for exploring the deep places, or mer-form. He didn’t need to breathe when he wore those bodies; he was free to spend hours, days, tracing the caverns underlying his bottomless mountain-brackted refuge. But he wasn’t truly exploring; after all the long centuries, he knew every inch of Domhnacht Rúnda, the Secret Depths. He was simply reveling in his Element. And for the enjoyment of the caress of water, there was no sweeter form to wear than that of a selkie.

Rhoann Callte.

Rhoann froze. The water spoke his name. It had never done that before.

Perhaps if he dove deeper, it would stop. The light around him went from aquamarine to tourmaline to emerald; he skimmed near the face of a submerged cliff, honeycombed with tunnels.

Rhoann Callte.

The voice was female. Something like his mother’s. He thought. But it had been many years since he had heard Miren’s voice, except in dreams. And the water had never spoken with her voice. His mother had been a Water Fae, but not an elemental.

He dove deeper, into colder, darker water. But his lungs were starting to hurt. He drew in the magick of the water, and shifted; fur became scales, gills pierced the skin of his throat. Everything around him blurred, colors became bluer. The cooler water of a tunnel beckoned him, and his salmon form darted inside.

Rhoann Callte. Rhoann Lath-Ríoga. Tá thú toghairm.

The words caught him. Like a fisher’s hook sunk deep under his jaw, only without the pain Rhoann had always imagined the true fish of his mother’s stories would have felt. He thrashed, he fought; his rainbow scales clouded the water around him until the words pulled him free from his refuge and into the open water.

Thou art summoned.