It’s the Saturday before the release of MANTLED IN MIST (currently planned for January 18, but really, it could drop pretty much any day, so watch this space!), which means a six-sentence sneak preview! Peri is Peri Katsura, an employee of Lochlann Doran’s Big Boy Massage. And a six-five blond Adonis has just walked into Big Boy and requested Peri’s services….


Big hands ran lightly up and down Periโ€™s arms. More touching. More of that indescribable sensation that made him want to laugh and moan and drop to his knees, surrender, lose himself. And that was even before he looked into those amazing blue eyes.

Eyes that really saw him. Eyes that held secrets and wanted to share them.


No sales link yet, alas (though I’ll add one when the book comes up on Amazon!), but here’s the link back to Rainbow Snippets, for more tantalizing LGBTQ snippets: