Hello, Snippetteers! Meet my muse for Rhoann, the Fae main character from UNDERTOW (SoulShares #7), my current work-in-progress. In this snippet (seven sentences again, sorry!), Mac McAllan, the Marine Corps vet who saved Kevin Almstead’s father’s life in Vietnam, is visiting the hole in the ground where Purgatory used to be; most of the site’s been cleared, but he’s just found a duffel bag in the remaining debris that belongs to his partner, Lucien de Winter, the club’s bouncer. Lucien’s been hospitalized since the explosion, in a coma.


The bag’s zipper still worked, kind of. Enough to let Mac get a hand inside. He reached in and closed his fist around something soft, worked it out through the gap.

The light attached to the pylon was enough to let him see what he’d grabbed. A t-shirt, ragged even before it had been put through the hell of a gas explosion and a collapsing building, the sleeves ripped out to accommodate a pair of biceps hard enough to deliver a knockout blow all by themselves and massive enough to need their own zip code.

Feel safe at night — sleep with a Marine.

Fuck, Mac hated to cry.


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