Good morning, Snippetteers! — this week’s post is from UNDERTOW, my work-in-progress. In this snippet, Josh LaFontaine, the owner of Raging Art-On Tattoo and Piercing Parlor and scair-anam of Conall Dary, is dropping off some clothing at the site of the Great Nexus so Rhoann (who tends toward ‘clothing optional’) will have something to wear when and if he turns up again…


And when he looked straight down the wall, past the tips of his toes, the floor and a bit of the wall glowed with a brilliant, reckless magickal energy that was all Conall, edged with a faint blue tinge that told him his partner had coaxed water elemental magick into the channeling somehow. Even if he hadn’t spotted the magick himself, Scáthacru wouldn’t have let him miss it; the golden dragon on his left forearm was stirring, blinking, lifting his head lazily to discover what had woken him.

“Go back to sleep,” Josh muttered, grateful that at least Aréan, the hawk tattooed on his chest, usually slept through anything as long as he, Josh, had a shirt on.

He held the bag out over the edge of the excavation and dropped it; it fell on its side, an arm of the sweater spilling out.

Josh couldn’t help grinning — not so much at the sight of the care package, as at the way he’d delivered it. A year and a half ago, who would have thought he would have been doing a clothing drop for a shapeshifting magickal being, at the request of the mightiest mage in two worlds, who was also a scapegrace three-hundred-year-old twink and the love of his life?


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