Hello, Snippetteers! — today’s six lines are from UNDERTOW, my work-in-progress. Lucien has just come home from a long night at work — he’s Purgatory’s lead bouncer, and tonight his partner Mac, the lead bartender, got home a few hours before he did, and Lucien’s just slid between the sheets and snuggled up with him. I purely love writing these two — it’s a joy to write an established couple my own age, or close to it.


Mac’s big hand slid up and down Lucien’s back; a finger traced lazy spirals in what the mirror at the gym told Lucien was a dark pelt scattered with white hairs, then slid down between his ass cheeks. Not demanding anything. Mac, Lucien knew, was just enjoying what he knew was his.

“Love you, Fuzzball,” Mac mumbled. A sleepy kiss brushed the short curls on Lucien’s shoulder.

“Love you more.”


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