Happy New Year — to friends, family, readers, Snippetteers, and you random folks who trip over my blog in the course of Google searches for “hot male-on-male tree action”! (Don’t worry, I don’t judge…) This week’s Snippet is from FIRESTORM, book four of the SoulShares; next week will be BLOWING SMOKE (SoulShares #5), and with any luck at all, by the week after that, MANTLED IN MIST will be out and you’ll be getting one of the first peeks!

Had to go with seven sentences for this one — I hope you’ll forgive me! (The first speaker is Cuinn, who has spent the first three books being the quintessential bad boy, but is now trying to come to grips with the fact that he’s found his SoulShare — who’s a harder case than Cuinn ever dreamed of being.


“You don’t need wonder?”

Rian started to shake his head, but was stopped, dead, by a kiss. Not one like last night’s, not the first move of a duel. A gentle, lips-parted kiss, an exchange of breath. Closed eyes, the soft touch of a tongue. A shiver, arrowing down his spine.

“You’re so fucking wrong,” Cuinn whispered, before taking Rian’s mouth for fair.


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