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In second place, for Best Erotica Novel of 2012 — HARD AS STONE!

Hard as Stone











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Top ten finisher, for Best Anthology of 2012 — EVERNIGHT 2 (with my short story, “Serpentine”, and many others!)

Evernight 2, released today by XoXo Publishing

Evernight 2, released today by XoXo Publishing


An all-new, original short short story with Kevin and Tiernan, and their first Valentine’s Day as husband and husband. Enjoy! (And please be aware, this being Tiernan, and this being Kevin, it’s going to be a very HOT Valentine’s Day…)  And don’t forget, GALE FORCE, with more of Kevin and Tiernan as well as a new pair of Soulshares, will be available on March 12!)


Kevin eyed the plastic cup in his hand speculatively. Well, kind of a cup. A hollow hand grenade. And the bartender was watching him with an ill-concealed grin. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted it’s my first time in New Orleans. Off to one side, the house band on the small stage was rocking out a zydeco song about what girls in the bayou they will do, won’t do.

Strange choice for Valentine’s Day. But, then, so was the Funky Pirate. Sighing, Kevin raised the cup, saluted the bartender, and took a healthy swig. Then, slowly, he set the cup back down on the bar, fighting the urge to cough. Holy shit.

The bartender laughed. “You let me know when you want another one.”

He moved off down the bar, stopping in front of what looked like a group of friends of the band, and Kevin’s gaze wandered. The front door of the bar stood open, and looked out onto the famous Bourbon Street. The street was closed to traffic, and was fairly crowded with pedestrians, most of them probably bar-hopping, carrying their take-away cups from one bar to the next. Probably nothing like it had been a few days ago, though.

The firm couldn’t have sent me here for Mardi Gras, no, they had to wait for Valentine’s Day. Kevin grimaced and had another go at the cup of death and delirium in his hand. Just let me get this down and I swear I’ll go back to civilized drinks. Nothing wrong with Jack and coke.

Nothing except the fact that he’d be drinking it alone. Damn, he missed Tiernan. Which was silly, because he’d be home in a couple of days. But he’d been looking forward to this Valentine’s Day, the first of his married life.

Almost on the thought, there was a pleasant buzz in his pocket. He pulled out his phone, saw the familiar number, and grinned as he slid the toggle to unlock the screen. “Hey, lanan.” He slipped off the barstool and looked quickly around; the Funky Pirate had a back courtyard, and he headed for it, phone in one hand and drink in the other.

“Hey, bodelafint.”

Kevin felt his cheeks flush even as he grinned. Only a Fae would turn ‘Elephant Dick’ into an endearment. “Are you at work?” He sighed with relief as he escaped into the courtyard; there was hardly anyone out here, and even though the music inside was being piped outside, it was a hell of a lot easier to hear.

“Hell, yes. Though I don’t know why, it’s not like there’s anything for me to do here.” Kevin thought he could hear the pounding bass of Purgatory’s sound system behind his husband’s voice. “Where are you? I hear music.”

“I thought I’d try the Funky Pirate. Great music, lethal drinks. I’m out in the courtyard now, though.” Kevin tried another pull at the oddly shaped glass, and this time there was no reason not to cough.

Tiernan’s laugh was pure wickedness. “You’re trying a hand grenade? When I’m not there to take advantage of you afterward?”

“You know the place?” A small staircase in a corner of the courtyard led up to a second story that was gated off; Kevin crossed to it and sat down on the stairs, balancing his drink on his knee.

“Yeah, I’ve been there a few times. I like the music. Though Bourbon Street Blues Company’s better for picking up guys.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.” Kevin chuckled, but there was frustration in the sound. “I’d rather be at home right now. Especially considering that I wanted to dress to suit the day, but I don’t own anything pink, and the only red item of clothing I have is my red silk tie.” The tie that was his private signal to his husband that he was in the mood for breath play. Which he was. Damn.

“You don’t say.” The words were slow, drawn-out, and followed by a long silence. Then, just as Kevin was about to ask if the Fae was still there, “You say you’re in the courtyard?”

“Yes.” Puzzled, Kevin took another drink, held the peculiar glass between his knees, and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Send me a picture.”

“Of me?” I am so not unconfused.

Another low chuckle. “No. Of the courtyard. That back corner, by the steps.”

Kevin opened his mouth to ask how Tiernan knew the layout of the courtyard, but one glance at the corner beside where he sat answered that question very nicely, supplying him with all sorts of images of his husband putting the semi-privacy to thorough use with a woman, women, a man, men… All of which thoughts were making him horny as hell. “Hang on.”

Switching the phone to camera setting, he snapped a shot of the corner and texted it off, then returned the phone to his ear. “Was that what you wanted, m’lanan?”

“That was fucking perfect.”

Tiernan’s reply wasn’t coming from the phone.

Kevin’s head snapped around, and his eyes went wide at the sight of the Fae, shirtless under a denim jacket, in jeans so tight they looked like they’d been tattooed on, blond hair curling around his shoulders. And wearing a smirk that brought the lawyer’s cock to instant and rigid attention.

“I needed the reminder.” Then, in a murmur that should have sent up tendrils of smoke, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Holy shit.” Kevin slammed down the last of his hand grenade, let the cup fall to the ground, and surged to his feet, to be caught up in Tiernan’s arms and turned and pushed back against the vine-covered brickwork, where the Fae’s mouth came down on his in a kiss that left him dizzy.

He felt one of Tiernan’s hands sliding up between their bodies, out of sight; long, strong fingers closed around his tie and slid up the silken length to fist just below the knot. “You weren’t kidding, I see.” Faceted ice-blue eyes held him spellbound, as his husband’s other hand undid his belt buckle, unbuttoned his trousers, and slipped inside to curl around his shaft. “Hold very still, lanan, and let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”

The only answer Kevin could manage was a faint moan, one that Tiernan kissed away before starting to twist the silken tie tight. Kevin’s pulse was like thunder in his ears; his breath came in soft, rapid pants against Tiernan’s lips, and his hips made little, tight jerks of their own volition as his cock was firmly, insistently stroked.

“You are so incredibly fucking hot.” He could feel Tiernan’s lips moving, breathed in his words, and shuddered in ecstasy from his touch. “I can’t get enough of you.” The Fae’s hot tongue traced a path back to his ear, probed; teeth nipped, and the tongue soothed. “Are you close? Are you ready?”

Kevin tried, and failed, to get a breath. And the failure sent liquid heat racing down his spine, to pool in his sac. He felt Tiernan’s hand tighten in anticipation – both hands, the hand twisting the tie as well as the exquisite vise around his cock. He had no voice to whisper with, all he could do was move his lips. “…don’t let me fall…”

Tiernan leaned into him, pinning him to the wall, as his knees buckled with the first thick white jet of his release. His eyes threatened to roll back, his hips jerked forward; darkness started closing in, his vision becoming a tunnel. Tiernan’s hand became slick, and the Fae was moaning now, too, along with him, with every pulse of hot fluid that welled up and spilled over.

And the joy. Oh, Christ, the joy. Pure bliss, the delight of being held, pleasured, cherished.

Scair-anam,” he whispered, as the last wave of pleasure rippled through his body.

Opening eyes he hadn’t realized he’d closed, he saw his husband nod. “So fucking beautiful you stop my heart.” Tiernan’s lips parted, he leaned in, in a kiss that was as close to gentle as he ever came. “I love you, m’lanan.”

And before Kevin could answer, the faceted blue of the Fae’s eyes heated with a smile. “Let’s go back to your hotel room so I can do it some more.”

A Fae Christmas Eve

Tiernan cleared his throat, and Kevin’s father turned away from his perusal of the framed display on the fireplace mantel to take the tumbler of ice and Scotch he extended. “Thanks.” He turned back to the frame on the mantel as he sipped. “This is very nice.”

Thomas Almstead’s nod made it clear that he wasn’t talking about the Glenlivet in his hand. The frame held a set of dog tags, and a picture of a young man who had Kevin’s easy smile, but short hair closer to blond than to Kevin’s dark brown. He wore a uniform of desert camouflage, and posed against a wall of sandbags.

“I know Kevin appreciated you giving him Tanner’s tags.” Small talk was never easy for a Fae, but his husband’s father was as close to blood kin as he was ever going to have in the human realm, so Tiernan made the effort. Besides, it made Kevin happy to see his father and his husband get along. “He talks a lot about his brother –.”

“My ears are burning.” Kevin entered from the kitchen, balancing a Waterford crystal bowl brimming with eggnog and setting it carefully on the sideboard beside the dining table.

“That’s a hell of a lot of eggnog for three people.” Thomas eyed Kevin skeptically. “I’d rather not spend Christmas morning with a hangover.”

“Since when do you get hangovers?” Kevin laughed.

“I think my warranty ran out when I hit sixty-five. I spent the day after my birthday hiding from the horrible racket the birds were making.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. You’ll be fine.” Kevin winked at Tiernan.

Did you put honey in that? Tiernan mouthed.

All the answer he got was Kevin’s best mock-angelic smile – more like fallen angelic, actually. You’re asking for it. Tiernan arched a brow.

How nicely do I have to ask?

            Depends on what you’re asking for.

Thomas snorted. “You two are worse than Gloria and I ever were –.”

The doorbell rang, cutting off Thomas’ gruff chiding. “Were you expecting company?”

The color was high in Kevin’s cheeks, but his voice was even. “Yeah, we invited a couple of friends over. They don’t have family anywhere near, so we said they could stop by here.”

“Hence the extra eggnog.”

While they talked, Tiernan went to the door and opened it. On the doorstep stood two men. Both looked to be in their mid-sixties, but that was as far as any resemblance went. One was short, broad, and very bald, and looked every bit as soft and yielding as a knot of oak wood. The other was taller, leaner, and wore his gray hair in a military brush cut. Both men looked nervous, the taller one several orders of magnitude more than the shorter.

“Mac, Lucien.” Tiernan shook the hands of his early shift bartender and bouncer. “Merry Christmas, come on in.”

The bald man nodded and stepped inside; Mac looked about to follow suit, then stopped cold, staring into the living room at Thomas Almstead, who was staring back with the air of a man seeing his own ghost.

“Sarge?” Mac’s voice was nearly inaudible.

Tiernan’s gaze flickered to Kevin; to say that his scair-anam was watching anxiously would be a gross understatement. The surprise Christmas Eve reunion between retired Marine first sergeant Thomas Almstead and the member of his fire team in Vietnam who had twice saved his life, the second time at the cost of a leg – and subsequently received a dishonorable discharge for being gay – had been his idea.

“Sweet bleeding Christ,” Thomas murmured. Carefully, he set his Scotch on the fireplace mantel, then crossed the living room to where Mac waited. Time almost seemed to stop as the former sergeant looked the former rifleman up and down, his gaze pausing for a fleeting moment on the artificial foot protruding from the bottom of one trouser leg.

Even Tiernan found himself holding his breath, rather to his surprise. Mac’s story had played a huge part in his father-in-law’s acceptance – reluctant at first, but slowly warming – of his son’s marriage to another man.

And how strange was it, that the Fae had to swallow a lump in his throat as Thomas drew himself up to attention, and snapped off a crisp salute?

“Sarge, no, that ain’t right.” Mac was blushing, shaking his head.

“Neither was what happened to you.” Thomas wrapped the other man in an awkward but fervent bear hug; when he stepped back, there was a grin on his face shining brighter than the star on the tree. “I have no idea how you came to be here, but damn, it’s good to see you.”

“There’s a story behind that,” Kevin put in, before Tiernan could open his mouth.

“I’m sure there is.” Thomas looked from Kevin to Mac, and from Mac to Lucien, and then cocked an eyebrow at Tiernan, “Why don’t we start disposing of that eggnog while you boys tell it?”



A very Merry Christmas to all, from Kevin, Tiernan, Thomas, Mac, Lucien… and me!

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Oh, yes. Story. Here’s my Christmas gift to you, dear readers — an all-new short story set in the world of the Soulshares, in the deep and dark midwinter. Come with me, and step into Purgatory, the hottest all-male sex club on the Eastern Seaboard. And the only one run by a Fae…

Refuge from the Storm

Tiernan cast one last look around Purgatory. His enhanced senses let him see perfectly well in the light from the exit signs, which was all there was at the moment. No sense having anything else on, not when all of D.C. was paralyzed, and the club – and everything else – was closed until the fucking snow stopped. Though he’d seen blizzards that were probably worse, in a century and a half in the human realm, this was the first one he couldn’t just Fade someplace warm to get away from. Well, he could, but it would mean leaving his husband to freeze his ass off. On their wedding anniversary, no less. Shit, I hope Kevin made it home from work. He still shuddered at the thought of spending any length of time in Kevin’s car, but the thought of being stranded somewhere in it was infinitely worse.

Surely Kevin was home by now. And they could take advantage of being snowed in by spending the night in the hot tub by candlelight, instead of going out to dinner. Fuck tradition, he wanted to spend his anniversary wet, hot, and moaning. And making his husband the same way. Thank you, blizzard. Time to get home and find the candles –

What the hell? A blast of cold air roared through the suddenly-open door, seeming to blow a snow-covered figure in just ahead of it. Kevin leaned against the door to close it, breathing hard, snow falling from his hair and clothing. “Shit – are you here, lanan? I can’t see a damned thing.”

Tiernan gestured, and the lights came up over the cock pit as he hurried to Kevin’s side. “What the hell were you doing out in this?” He watched as Kevin tried to unbelt his coat with numb fingers, finally pushing his hands aside and doing the job for him, pushing the coat off his lanan’s broad shoulders and letting it lie where it fell.

“It wasn’t that bad when I left work. I thought I could make it here, surprise you before the club opened for the afternoon.”

He could feel Kevin’s shivers, and wrapped an arm around him, urging him down into the cock pit, to one of the black leather loveseats. “Where’s the death trap?”

Kevin shot him a look as the two of them sank onto the soft leather. “The Mercedes made it as far as the entrance to the valet parking. It’s stuck. And as soon as the plows come by, it’s going to be really stuck.”

Tiernan wrapped his arms around his human, and frowned. “You’re freezing. Why don’t you get out of those wet things, and I’ll go get us something to chase away the cold?” Unable to resist, he leaned in for one hot kiss, then Faded to the bar and started looking around for what he needed.

By the time he poured Kevin’s Jack and coke, and – after some reflection – a shot of Tennessee Honey for himself, every stitch Kevin had been wearing was in an untidy pile on the floor. The human still looked chilled, but the dark gaze raking over the Fae was hot beyond belief.

“Was this what you wanted?” Kevin’s baritone was husky, and whether it trembled with chill or with need, Tiernan had no fucking clue.

Except that either way, he needed his arms around the male. Right now. He all but dove back into the loveseat, could barely wait for Kevin to take his drink before snaking an arm around him and drawing him in close.

Kevin’s low laughter went straight to Tiernan’s cock, teasing it to rigid attention. “Not quite the anniversary we had planned.” The lawyer downed half his Jack and coke at once. “But I think I can make do.” Slowly, he leaned closer; his tongue stroked softly, insistently over Tiernan’s eyebrow ring. “Any way to get some music?”

Tiernan blinked, trying to make sense of his husband’s words. “Music. Right. Yes.” It was just fucking unfair, when you got right down to it, that Kevin was naked and he himself had to deal with zipper teeth trying to circumcise him. He closed his eyes and reached out with his sixth sense, the magickal one, and abruptly the darkness around their little island of light was filled with the pulsing E.D.M. Purgatory was known for. As long as computer chips were still made of silicon, a Fae of the Demesne of Earth always had a way in.


Tiernan’s eyes snapped open at the sensation of Kevin’s hips rocking against his. He looked up into dark eyes, dark hair still wet with snow-melt, a smile that he knew from experience could get him hard from the far side of a crowded dance floor. Kevin’s knees were braced to either side of Tiernan’s thighs, and his hands to either side of Tiernan’s head where it rested against the high back of the loveseat. For once, the Fae had no complaint at all about being confined; his gaze traveled around hard-muscled thighs, bunched biceps, washboard abs with a dusting of dark hair, undulating in time with the driving beat of the music, and a proudly erect cock that would make a she-mammoth pack her things and move back in with mama. It swayed and bobbed with Kevin’s every sinuous movement, and left drops of clear fluid scattered across Tiernan’s shirt.

“Best fucking lap dancer in D.C.” Tiernan’s voice was thick, unsteady. “I hope to hell this isn’t one of those times you’re planning to insist on foreplay.” He skinned out of his shirt as quickly as he could, penned in as he was, and shoved his jeans down his hips, groaning as his shaft sprang free, the mark of the zipper clearly visible.

“Maybe that’s all I’m planning.” Kevin’s body slid down Tiernan’s legs until he knelt on the floor; his hand curled around the base of Tiernan’s cock, clenching and releasing to the bass rhythm coming out of the darkness. “A nice, long, slow tease. Hours of it.”

Tiernan cursed as Kevin’s hot mouth closed around the head of his cock. “Not tonight, buchal dana.” Fuck, yes, his husband was being a bad boy. It was Kevin’s shyness that had first driven Tiernan mad for him. And there was still some of that reticence to him, hesitation, wanting to be urged. But from the start there had been a buchal dana living deep within his human, and during this year of their marriage the bad boy had learned how much the Fae delighted in him.

Shit, that beautiful ass was still moving, as if compelled by the music. Tiernan’s hands plunged into Kevin’s hair and pulled him down; he cursed again, ecstatically, as his Prince Albert dragged along Kevin’s tongue, and yet again as the head of his cock bumped against the back of Kevin’s throat. I’m not going to last. No fucking way. “You can come up here and ride me.” His voice was a low purr, barely audible over the hypnotic throbbing of the music. “Or I can come down there, turn you around, and take you as hard as you’re begging to be taken. Your choice.”

Dark eyes laughed up at him for a moment before Kevin released his shaft. “Why do I have to choose? We have all night, after all.” Steadying Tiernan’s shaft with one hand, he lollipopped it from taint to tip, his tongue like hot velvet. “But you’re right, we need to start somewhere. Why don’t you come here and see what you can take?”

The words were hardly out of Kevin’s mouth before Tiernan was off the loveseat, using one hand in his thick dark hair to turn him around, kneeing his thighs apart and pushing him to hands and knees on the black marble floor. He stared in wonder for a moment at his own weeping, nearly purple shaft, before wrapping his free hand around it and positioning the head at Kevin’s clamped-tight entrance. “Look what you do to me, lanan.”

Kevin turned, at this, looking up from where his weight rested on his forearms. The color was high in his cheeks, behind his five o’clock shadow, and his eyes shone. “No more than what you’ve always done to me.”

Tiernan lunged forward, taking Kevin’s mouth in a ferocious kiss and crying out into the kiss with the exquisite burning pleasure as he buried himself deep in his husband’s tight dark passage. Again he thrust, and again, pounding even harder than the bass beat that filled the air, gasping for breath even as he continued his assault on Kevin’s mouth. And he’d been right to think he wouldn’t last; his sac was already rising up, heat pooled at the base of his spine.

And every nerve in his body sang with joy, a blazing bright wonder that convulsed him as he released. Scair-anam

The desire and the joy, his husband’s tight hold and his husband’s kiss, those were what kept Tiernan conscious until the pleasure finally started to ebb. “Damn.” His lips moved against Kevin’s, both mouths swollen and tender and wonderfully sensitive. “Happy anniversary.”

Kevin laughed, a low, rich, delicious sound. “And it’s only just beginning.”

“Not quite what you’d planned, though.”

“Ah, but I’m very good at improvising.”

If this story was your introduction to Kevin and Tiernan and the world of the Soulshares, and you want more, here’s the link to their story, in Hard as Stone:


And if you’d like something a little different, you can check out my Gems of Night short story, “Serpentine,” in Evernight 2 —


On December 5th, each comment below, and each follow, will count as an entry for eARCs of both Hard as Stone and Evernight 2!

I wish there were 10 stars to give. After 9 hours of continuous reading, I hated for the book to end. I rank this book among the best I have read in the m/m genre. The combining of two halves of one soul, one half residing in Kevin, a lawyer in the real world and the other half in Tiernan,a Fae. Their meeting and instant attraction is a puzzlement to both, but an attraction neither of them can deny. The emotions of both men are ever present throughout the story and make the characters real and endearing. The path to love is not easy for Kevin and Tiernan. Where would a story be without an evil interloper both in the Fae realm and in the realm of the real world. As in life, our struggles often bring us closer to the ones we love. Interesting twists and turns take the reader on an addictive ride as our characters come together. In my humble opinion, HARD AS STONE is an absolute MUST READ. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 5 stars and a keg of honey for you, Rory Ni Coileain.