I wish there were 10 stars to give. After 9 hours of continuous reading, I hated for the book to end. I rank this book among the best I have read in the m/m genre. The combining of two halves of one soul, one half residing in Kevin, a lawyer in the real world and the other half in Tiernan,a Fae. Their meeting and instant attraction is a puzzlement to both, but an attraction neither of them can deny. The emotions of both men are ever present throughout the story and make the characters real and endearing. The path to love is not easy for Kevin and Tiernan. Where would a story be without an evil interloper both in the Fae realm and in the realm of the real world. As in life, our struggles often bring us closer to the ones we love. Interesting twists and turns take the reader on an addictive ride as our characters come together. In my humble opinion, HARD AS STONE is an absolute MUST READ. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 5 stars and a keg of honey for you, Rory Ni Coileain.