Hello, Snippetteers! — your six sentences for today come from FIRESTORM (SoulShares #4), which is Cuinn and Rian’s story. By way of a little setup, Cuinn has just extricated himself and Rain from what could have been a thoroughly nasty situation in the Fae Realm, by the quickest means possible. Which involved opening a portal between the Realm and the human world (Cuinn’s the only Fae who can do that) and dragging Rian through it, bare-ass naked and dripping wet. And they land in Purgatory, Tiernan Guaire’s nightclub, pretty much right under Tiernan’s nose….


“You can quit staring now, your Lordship.” Or I can sandpaper your eyeballs, he barely managed not to add. SoulShare jealousy. Which he needed right now like he needed a third testicle. In the middle of his forehead. “Lord Tiernan Guaire, of the Demesne of Earth, meet Rian Aodán, Prince Royal of the Demesne of Fire.”


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