Welcome to the launch of DEEP PLUNGE, SoulShares #3. Lochlann Doran and Garrett Templar are the two newest additions to the little SoulShare community coming to center itself around Purgatory, the hottest gay club on the Eastern seaboard, which just happens to be built over a nexus of incredible raw magickal energy. Or they will be, if they survive their Sharing, and the test that will come after it…

Enjoy this excerpt, and the Amazon link is at the end!

            He had just spotted the recessed doorway that would take him up to his own apartment, directly over Luigi’s Italian Ristorante with the missing “n” where a rock or a bullet had taken out the neon tubing two or three years ago, when he first heard the footsteps behind him. Not quite running, but coming up fast.

            Shit. His grip tightened on the strap of his bag, ready to swing it — or ditch it, if it looked like that would help him escape . And for one sick, sweaty, gut-wrenching moment, he was ten years old again, hearing the kids closing in behind him, knowing there was no way in hell he was going to get away without another split lip, ruined shirt, blackened eye. Almost hearing his mother’s voice. Garrett Lee Templar, I swear, you find more trouble than any ten other boys ever dreamed of. Do you think I can just make new clothes appear out of thin air?


            He recognized that voice from somewhere. Slowly, he turned. And stared up into eyes that gleamed blue even in the crappy light from the streetlight on the corner.

            “Lochlann?” He hadn’t had to rent his ass out for a while now, but the idea of a john following him home from the club still made his skin crawl. Yet there was something about those eyes, something different.

            No. Fuck that shit. You get hurt the worst when you let yourself hope