Hello, Snippeteers! This week’s Snippet is from the WIP, STONE COLD. Terry, Josh’s business partner (and former lover, until the then-nefarious Bryce intervened) has met the apparently homeless Maelduin, and under the influence of a certain amount of Fae wiles and charm, has invited Maelduin up to his apartment. Terry is also an accomplished ballet dancer, who until fairly recently ran his own trockadero (all-male) ballet company in New York City. And this is what Maelduin sees when Terry turns on the lights. (Again, seven sentences…. no regrets, it was necessary. 😉 ) (And bragging rights go to anyone who can correctly identify both referenced ballets!)


Terry’s walls were covered with images of human males, and Maelduin felt an actual physical ache in his chest at their beauty. Males in clothing as tight as a second skin, captured at the height of prodigious leaps, or in balances so exquisite as to be impossible without magickal aid, or so he would have thought. Poetry, given human form.

And several of the images were Terry. A younger version of Terry in chalk-white makeup and some sort of military-looking uniform with a red blazon on its breast, caught at the top of the arc of an amazing leap. And today’s Terry, in an elegant doublet that would have allowed him to blend in anywhere in the Realm, wearing tights leaving almost nothing to the imagination, cradling a rose in one hand and looking up at what appeared to be a balcony.

I want to be on that balcony, looking down.


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