So I sing in my church choir. Our Sunday contingent is very small, usually a quartet. Today it was a trio. We sit up in the chancel, facing the congregation. In our lovely red robes, with our big black music folders. And I was listening to Rev. Susan’s sermon this morning, and suddenly I knew exactly what my WIP was missing. So I took the pencil out of my music folder, and started making notes on the front cover of my bulletin. I probably looked very studious and attentive…. at least, I hope I did…

They know all about me at church, though. Rev. Susan’s wife is probably my biggest cheerleader, and I’ve already had to explain to my choir director that no, sorry, I’m going to be missing Easter this year because I’m going to be at an LGBT romance readers’/writers’ convention in Tampa…

Oh, conventions…. here’s my schedule for the spring and summer. Hope to see you at one of them!

April 17-20: Rainbow Con, Tampa, FL. QUILTBAG conference.

July 3-6:  CONvergence, Bloomington, MN. Science Fiction/Fantasy conference.

September 26-28:  Midwestern Book Lovers Unite, Minneapolis, MN. Romance conference.