I thought I’d celebrate the upcoming release of Deep Plunge with a taste of Book Four in the SoulShares, Firestorm. This is a bit from Chapter Two, where we meet Rian Sheridan, a Belfast lad with an interesting hobby. Just remember, this hasn’t been edited yet… Oh, and warning — just a little bit of adult content…

Feargal grunted, and let go of Rian’s hair to grip his shoulder. Which was a bit of a disappointment, but Rian couldn’t spare time to think about it just now, not when he couldn’t fecking breathe and the drumbeat in his cock put the Lambeg drums to shame. Sweat poured down his face, down his chest, over the trail of stars inked into his flesh that spiraled from shoulder to abs and pointed straight to his throbbing erection. In and out, slow and massive. Rian’s low moan felt like it started at his toes, and the burn was as close as one such as he was ever going to get to Heaven. Even better, this pain was touching the buried place that craved the hurt. He never knew when he’d catch that wave, what new or old torture would start that rush. This was going to be one of the magical times. Each slight movement of the clenched fist in his ass was bringing him closer, not to one release, but to two. Bliss, pure and uncut.
Until the movement stopped.
“Jesus feckin’ Christ, finish what ye started!”
The response wasn’t what he expected.
“Get that arm out of him unless you can live without it.”
The voice was not Feargal’s.