I started writing Chapter 20 in Gale Force from the point of view of Josh, my human lead, who’d been brought over into the Fae Realm unexpectedly, to hide him from an enemy. But I soon figured out that the story needed to be told from a different point of view, which meant Josh’s thoughts had to be cut. But I like them. So I offer them to you. *winks*

Vertigo, and panic, and sheer terror, yeah, that about summed it up. What had looked as simple as stepping through a gap in a curtain turned out to be anything but; he’d blacked out for a few seconds, and awakened in Cuinn’s arms, dizzy and sick and his heart still hammering with the nearness of their escape from what could only have been the Marfach, the monster Tiernan and Kevin had described. The gap through which he and the Fae had come had been nowhere in sight. And everything around him looked… well, wrong. Beautiful, yes. No question about that. But too beautiful. His human eyes, his human mind couldn’t encompass what was around him. Even Cuinn, Jesus God the man was breathtaking, here in his element. The Fae, he reminded himself. Not the man. He’s not human, any more than Conall is.