Writer’s block is, as I’m sure every reader of this blog will be more than happy to acknowledge, hell. I’m setting up a fund to cover my Muse’s chocolate habit, and praying that it DOESN’T actually take a guy playing the Scottish war pipes in a small crowded bar to break through the worst of the block. (More on that in another post, p’raps…) I was up until almost two this morning, stubbornly insisting on making at least half of a day’s word quota for NaNoWriMo, then up at 6:15. Caribou Coffee is my new best friend, and their dark chocolate latte is earning someone somewhere a crown in Heaven…

In the meantime, my alter ego, changeling Fae Ruaraidh Collins, took third place in the recent RP Olympics on Facebook, with an erotica short story that ended up being the genesis of Hard as Stone. I’m going to try several ways to post a link to the story here; God only knows which way is eventually going to work. Here’s the bare nekkid link; then I’ll try that cute little “links” button and see what it does. If all else fails, I’ll wait till my 15-year-old gets home from school and ask HIM what to do. 😛